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I am trying to log in to the site, but my username and password don’t work!
There are 3 things to check if your username and password are not working:

1) The username and password you receive to access our sites is CaSe SeNSItive – that means that when you log in to your membership area, the username and password must be entered with the exact capital, lowercase letters, and/or numbers that you receive in your confirmation email. 

2) If you’ve tried to log in to your site members area with the exact username and password you received, and are still experiencing problems, please check that your Internet security settings are set to “Low”.  Open up your web browser – at the top you will see a “Tools” link in the taskbar.  Click on that and then click on “Internet Options”.  Then go to the “Security” tab – this will allow you to set our Internet Security to “Low”.

3) If problems persist and you are still having problems accessing the site, you may have to check if you are running security software on your computer.  Occasionally, having security software active (i.e. Norton Internet Security, McAfee AntiVirus Software, etc…) can cause access problems. Disable your security software and try to access the site again using your username and password.  This can often clear up the problem.

My Username and/or Password is too hard to remember!
If you would like an easier-to-remember login Username and Password, simply contact us by Clicking HERE and we will change your login Username and/or Password to something easier to remember! Please remember include your current login information when you send the email.

How will the membership show up on my credit card bill?
Your membership is discretely billed under the name of the selected billing company you joined under. The name of the site will NOT show up on your bill, neither will it say what the charge is for. Your billing statement will simply either show "CCBILL" or "Nomad Media" depending on which billing company you joined under as a member.

Why did I not receive a confirmation email?
Once you have successfully joined the site, you will receive an email receipt to the email address you signed up with. If you did not receive this confirmation email, it may be due to any the following reasons:
1) You might have mistyped your email address while signing up.
2) Your email mailbox may be full.
3) The confirmation email might be in your Junk/Spam Folder, or may have been blocked by your email provider if you use some kind of spam blocking/filtering software.

Please be sure you type your email correctly during the join process, and check your spam folders if you don't see the welcome email after joining. This is very important. If you are still unable to locate your confirmation email, please feel to contact us.

Once I'm a member, will I be getting a lot of junk/spam/ etc.?
There will be no letters, junk mail or anything else ever sent to your physical home address. You may receive emails in regards to your membership unless you opt out to receive any emails.

When I join a site, is my information secure? Is it confidential?
Absolutely! We use industry standard encryption methods to handle your credit card processing. As a matter of fact, only the billing company will see your information - not even our support team or our models will ever see your billing details. As a member you can be rest assured that your membership is treated 100% confidential

Can you show me how my credit card info is secure?
We’d be happy to. When you go to any one of the credit card input pages for our sites, you will notice how all URLs begin with "https://..." in your web browser's address bar at the top.  The "s" at the end of “http” stands for "secure", and means the any information your send or receive over “https” web pages are encrypted. As well, there should also be a little icon resembling a lock in the right bottom corner of your browser, confirming that the page is indeed secure and ready to encrypt your data.  

Do I need to do anything to renew my membership?
There is absolutely nothing you need to do to continue your membership.  At the end of each month, from the date of your purchase, you will be automatically billed by your specific billing company.

I tried to join but my card was declined. Why?
There are many reasons why credit cards can be declined, the most common are:
1) You have entered a wrong expiration date or CVV2 number.
2) The address you entered is not the EXACT address where your credit card bill is being sent to.
3) Your card is over the daily limit.
4) Your card does not have sufficient funds available.
5) Your card has been cancelled or is expired.
6) Your card was flagged for potentially suspicious activities in the past.
7) You are trying to use a stolen card.
8) You entered a wrong card number.
9) You tried submitting your card too many times in the last 24 hours.
10) You tried using anything other than a Visa, MasterCard or Discover.


Cancel. Give up. Forfeit. Miss out.
While we hope you will stay a member of the site for a long time, we do understand that sometimes members are forced to give up their membership. As such, we have made the cancellation process a quick and easy one for you.

After I cancel, will I still have access?
Cancelling your membership stops the billing cycle only - you will still have access the sites until the end of the billing period you paid for.

What info do I need to cancel?
All you need is the name of the billing company you joined with (CCBill or Nomad Media Inc/ Netbilling), as well as the original email stating the subscription number or members ID. In very rare instances, you will be asked to provide the credit card number you originally signed up with. This is for verification purposes only.

Where do I go to cancel?

Just click one of the links below - be sure to chose CCBill if your subscription email came from CC Bill, or chose Nomad Media Inc. if your subscription email came from Nomad Media Inc.

If you have been billed by CCBill please click here to go directly to the cancellation page
If you have been billed by Nomad Media Inc. please click here to go to the membership cancellation page.